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The Quality Assurance Resource Repository (QuARRy) is a collection of online teaching-learning exemplars collected from participants in the CSU Quality Assurance program. It is organized according to the extensive CSU Quality Online Learning and Teaching (QOLT) instrument and is also cross-indexed to the Quality Matters rubric. This allows faculty and instructional staff to view multiple ways a particular objective may be effectively met, whether making changes to one’s own course or assisting someone else to do so. You can search the QuARRy by an author, type, keywords, or drill down into a specific QOLT/QM Community and view specific objective numbers (I.e., QM 1.3, QOLT 1.1). Our hope is that QuARRy will continue to grow in number and quality of exemplars. We invite contributions of additional resources using the QuARRy submission form below.


NEW! Christine Dobrowolski opens up her QOLT Certified course in Canvas open access portal. For access go to: Canvas Portal Submit your own QuARRy exemplar entry by logging in with the following credentials. Login email: guest@csuprojects.org; Password "guest1". The exemplar entry form is located under the Collection in Quality Assurance Resource Repository heading. Click on the "Submissions in Review" link. We look forward to your participation.

Communities within Quality Assurance Resource Repository

Collections within Quality Assurance Resource Repository

Recent Submissions

  • Norman Skonovd (2016-12-01)
    Norman Skonovd created a great TedEd Lesson for his students on Major Religions of the World. Students watch the video and questions pop-up at certain points in the video to test for understanding. Later there are a set ...
  • Dr. Serena Johnson (2016-12-01)
    Dr. Serena Johnson reminds us all that you can communicate to your students in a variety of ways specific to their needs. This welcome video and introduction about herself is done completely in sign language with closed ...
  • Denise Castro (2016-11-09)
    Instructor to Learner Interaction. Each student is shared on their own private Google Sheet Workbook (using Doctopus) with various weekly interactive assignments. The Google Sheet is designed to automatically add up points, ...
  • Denise Castro (2016-11-09)
    The following video tour provides a general course overview for students as an introduction to facilitate navigation to all the components required to be successful in the class.
  • Michelle Pacansky-Brock (2016-10-17)
    Michelle Pacansky-Brock, part of the Teaching and Learning Innovations Team from CSU CI, created this visual poster on "How to Humanize Your Online Class." This poster helps faculty visually put together how to facilitate ...