Section 2: Assessment of Student Learning


Recent Submissions

  • Allison Evans (2017-08-11)
    Allison Evans from CSU Bakersfield created a great Objective matrix. This can help you to align your activities to your SLOs.
  • SFSU (2017-05-09)
    SFSU provides a link to the funny, yet effective video entitled "Blooms Taxonomy According to Seinfeld." Where multiple Bloom's Taxonomy Wheels get repetitive this video adds a new perspective and can be great for faculty ...
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    No (2016-10-16)
  • Dr. Marisol Clark-Ibanez (2016-04-20)
    Along with standard grading breakdowns for the entire course, this instructor went into specific detail on each activity. This is a descriptive policy on the grading of forums. It is clear how many forums there will be and ...
  • Kimberly Vincent-Layton (2016-04-15)
    The instructor uses a simple, anonymous Moodle Choice poll to get the "temperature" of how students are feeling at the halfway point in the course.