Sectionx10: Mobile Readiness


Recent Submissions

  • Unknown author (2016-04-20)
    In this example the instructor has clearly marked the last three files as "Optional resources". It is placed at the very end of the module and is not mixed into the other mandatory materials. This is important for mobile ...
  • Dr. Mark Hemphill-Haley (2016-04-20)
    This course is set using tabs across the top to minimize long scrolling. Access to primary course content is no more than two clicks away and the use of Moodle's auto-linking in the course helps to keep consistency and ...
  • Unknown author (2016-04-20)
    Make sure to save videos in mobile-friendly formats such as Mp3 or Mp4 or streamed. If you can stream a video that is the best option as it saves valuable time in loading and can be easily viewed on multiple platforms. Try ...
  • Marcy Burstiner (2016-04-20)
    This example shows a mobile-ready, simple tab layout that avoids long labels/headings and less scrolling. Images resize proportionally to the screen size and are small files to load quickly.