QOLT 1.1 Course Overview Design


QOLT Objective 1.1 (QM 1.1)

Instructor uses course environment to provide clear and detailed instructions for students to begin accessing all course components, such as syllabus, course calendar, assignments, and support files.


Welcome message or materials introducing course structure/ components is highly recommended. Ex. A "Start Here" link or "Welcome" video/page

Recent Submissions

  • Dr. Serena Johnson (2016-12-01)
    Dr. Serena Johnson reminds us all that you can communicate to your students in a variety of ways specific to their needs. This welcome video and introduction about herself is done completely in sign language with closed ...
  • Denise Castro (2016-11-09)
    The following video tour provides a general course overview for students as an introduction to facilitate navigation to all the components required to be successful in the class.
  • Dr. Galen Pickett (2016-03-29)
    Dr. Pickett provides students with a great introductory welcome video for his Physics course. In this video he describes the course objectives, format, and expectations. He also lets student know a little about himself and ...
  • Tenure; Professor Bill Deluca (2016-02-10)
    Professor DeLuca has a great informational page on himself, contact information, office hours, website. This instantly gives students the important course information.
  • Randall Griswold (2016-02-10)
    Randall Griswold wanted the students in his fully online Music 120 course to get to know who he was and see his personality. He plays them a little tune on his guitar as he describes the course and expectations. This is a ...