QOLT 1.3 Course Description


QOLT Objective 1.3 (QM 1.2, 1.6)

Course description includes the purpose and format of the course, as well as prerequisite knowledge and competencies, if applicable.


Instructor introduces the purpose of the course as well as explain the course format as either completely online or in person

Recent Submissions

  • Christine Dobrowolski (2016-03-29)
    Christine Dobrowolski personalizes the first weekly "lecture" with a brief overview of the course, format, and prerequisites with an audio/video tool called EyeJot. She also creates a text-based transcript to ensure accessibility.
  • Dr. Matthew Atherton (2016-03-29)
    Dr. Atherton uses an info-graphic along with his regular syllabus to make sure students understand what they will learn by taking the course. He also includes this information in his syllabus Word document.
  • Tona Hangen (2016-03-29)
    This instructor has a great description of the course and what is to be expected of students. This is a newsletter type format which has a table of contents that is easy for students to find out the course requirements, ...