QOLT 1.4 Online Etiquette


QOLT Objective 1.4 (QM 1.3)

Online etiquette expectations for various forms of course communication and dialog (e.g., chat, "hangout," email, online discussion) are presented and clear to the student.


Rules of conduct may include use of the language and formatting. See further at Netiquette: Make it Part of Your Syllabus

Recent Submissions

  • Dr. Marisol Clark-Ibanez (2016-04-20)
    It is important to make sure students know what etiquette rules both the instructor and the institution enforces. Use of language, decorum, and format of discussion posts made by students needs to be clearly articulated. ...
  • Dr. Tracey Brown (2016-04-15)
    Dr. Brown took our QOLT workshop and then went right to work on her online course. She used PowToon to create a short (1 min. 30 sec) video with no sound on email etiquette for her students. She also makes sure to include ...

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