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  • Allison Evans (2017-08-11)
    Allison Evans from CSU Bakersfield created a great Objective matrix. This can help you to align your activities to your SLOs.
  • SFSU (2017-05-09)
    SFSU provides a link to the funny, yet effective video entitled "Blooms Taxonomy According to Seinfeld." Where multiple Bloom's Taxonomy Wheels get repetitive this video adds a new perspective and can be great for faculty ...
  • SFSU (2017-05-09)
    SFSU provides faculty with an iLearn QuickStart webpage for faculty. This is a comprehensive, yet easy to navigate, page that helps faculty get technology help with FAQs and other important tutorials.
  • SFSU (2017-05-09)
    Online Learning Readiness Questionnaire Before enrolling in an online course, you should first assess your readiness for stepping into the online learning environment. Your answers to the following questions will help ...
  • SFSU (2017-05-09)
    Learning through an online class requires different skills than learning in a face-to-face class. It's important to know what you're getting into and to understand the kind of commitment that's necessary for success in ...