The Quality Assurance Resource Repository (QuARRy) is a collection of online-blended-flipped teaching exemplars collected from participants in the CSU Quality Assurance program. It is organized according to the extensive 57-item CSU Quality Learning and Teaching (QLT) instrument, which informs and assesses the design and delivery of online, blended, and flipped courses. You can browse QuARRy exemplars by QLT instrument category (e.g., Assessment) and specific objective numbers (i.e., QLT 1.1) or search by keywords (e.g., author, technology, topic). Users who may be more familiar with the Quality Matters rubric will find the organization of these exemplars via the QLT instrument to be similar.

QuARRy allows faculty and instructional staff to view multiple ways a particular objective may be effectively met, whether making changes to one’s own course or assisting someone else to do so. The exemplars in QuARRy are all Creative Commons licensed, allowing for others to freely adopt-adapt as long as attribution to the exemplar author is given. Our hope is that the greater online teaching-learning community will submit exemplars and that QuARRy will continue to grow in number and quality of resources. We invite contributions of additional resources using the QuARRy submission form.

Creative Commons

Recently Submitted Exemplars

Walt Hebern MA
QLT 8.1 Campus Accessibility Policy
Nancy Akhavan EdD
QLT 1.2 Instructor Information
Nancy Akhavan
QLT 8.3 Explanation of Disability Support Services
Tanisha Garcia PhD
QLT 4.4 Active Learning and Peer Engagement