Section 8: Accessibility and Universal Design

Addresses the course’s adherence to accessibility and universal design principles that are critical to some learners but that benefit all learners.

Syllabus (or similar) links to the campus accessible policy, whether it is required or recommended by the institution.



Instructor supports a range of learning styles and abilities for all students, rather than making reactive accommodations for those with registered disabilities



A clear explanation of the disability support services (DSS) is provided and clear links to DSS resources are provided.



Students can clearly ascertain the role of the instructor in providing support for those officially registered with the campus disability support services office.



Course documents and text materials created by the instructor or from external sources are in formats that are accessible to students with disabilities.



The instructor and course use officially supported campus technologies, which are already fully accessible and assistive technology ready. Any third-party tools used are accessible and assistive technology ready when feasible.