Section 1: Course Overview and Introduction

Instructor gives a thorough description of the course, as well as introducing students to the course.

Instructor uses course environment to provide clear and detailed instructions for students to begin accessing all course components, such as syllabus, course calendar, assignments, and support files.



Detailed instructor information is available to students and includes multiple formats for being contacted by students, availability information, brief biographical information, and a picture of the instructor.



Course description includes the purpose and format of the course, as well as prerequisite knowledge and competencies, if applicable.



Course etiquette expectations for various forms of course communication and dialog (e.g., chat, "hangout," email, online discussion) are presented and clear to the student.



Academic integrity or "code of ethics" is defined. Related institutional policies for students to adhere are clearly stated and/or links to those policies (e.g., online catalog; institution web page) is provided.



A list of technical competencies necessary for course completion is provided, identifying and delineating the role/extent the online environment plays in the total course.



Instructor provides samples of student work and provides opportunity to students to ask questions.



Instructor asks students to share their own learning goals.