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The Quality Assurance Resource Repository (QuARRy) is a collection of teaching-learning exemplars organized according to the QLT instrument and its 57 objectives organized across 10 sections and is also cross-indexed to the Quality Matters rubric. QuARRy enables faculty, instructional developers, and others to view multiple ways to effectively meet a particular QLT objective. The exemplars within QuARRy are Creative Commons licensed, meaning that others are free to adopt-adapt, as long as they give attribution to the original exemplar author.

Our hope is that QuARRy will continue to grow and provide a wealth of useful resources across disciplines of online-blended-flipped courses. We invite your submissions to QuARRy and hope you also encourage others to do so using the QuARRy online submission form. If you have questions about this form or QuARRy, contact Cherie Vinopal (

For information regarding desired qualities, you can see our Exemplar Rubric.

To contribute an exemplar to QuARRy, use our online submission form.

Note: Upon completion of this form you are hereby giving consent for this resource to be included in the CSU Quality Assurance Resource Repository and to be used in CSU presentations, as long as attribution to your work is given according to the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

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